My Own Personal Experiences

03/24/2013 09:00

I have been using a program known as Inteligator for a few months now and decided to discuss my experiences. I will be performing a review-like report by which I will be showing you all the bad and good aspects of this program.

Some Inteligator Background Info:

Inteligator is an on-line search tool that allows you to lookup numerous data on any given subject. It can show you court records data, a small business search, a list of criminal offenses in the neighborhood, etc.

Inteligator provides use of a huge database of records, both public and personal and also allows you to gather info rapidly. It would take a long time to collect these types of records yourself if you were going to do this on your own, it could take even longer to accomplish if you resided out of the region that you were trying to acquire data from.

The Many Searches That You Can Perform:

Criminal court records search Court records Check Company Check Community Check Public record information Search Inmate Lookup Sex Offender Lookup Reverse Zipcode Lookup Credit history House Records

The Things I Enjoyed About Inteligator:

The several types of queries it is possible to carry out in a single place. The precision in the reports as well as the quantity of information that comes back, regardless of what type of search you are doing. I actually enjoyed the fact that they had a trial offer, so I could find out how it worked and what it was going to show me before I purchased anything.

The Disadvantages:

You will have to shell out the dough each month, no matter whether you use the support or not. When you want to carry out one particular search on a person or even company, then you definitely will be better off locating a service that will charge you for each search. You have the opportunity to search for anything you want to, not including much more in depth reports such as a comprehensive criminal court records search, bankruptcies and liens data. You are able to get these reports, however it charges you an additional payment to do so. It might not provide all of the required info you will be looking for in the standard reports, you might have to buy an even more comprehensive report, depending on what you are searching for.

My Final Thoughts:

In the end, Inteligator is an extremely useful tool for anybody that needs to carry out multiple queries on a everyday basis. If you plan on simply trying to find info on one particular subject, then I suggest searching for a program that gives you a fee based on how many queries you carry out. This is recommended for business proprietors, administrators and parents that may perform a a few different queries each month, then you will want to consider it more and see if it will eventually work for your unique needs.